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>> dana: three one more things. >> greg: you had three more. three good things. >> bob: number one. >> greg: number one. speaking of number one, me -- no. catch me on greta tonight. i'm on her first block of the show. "red eye" we have ann coulter and gavin mckinnon on. >> bob: can you do something that is not self-promoting? >> greg: no. storm the first day of hanukkah. celebrate a happy holiday. that is it for us. have a great weekend, everyone. >> john: another weekend no, deal on the fiscal cliff. how close one is depends on whom you believe. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> john: good evening. i'm john roberts in for bret baier this evening. deadlock, gridlock, stalemate, whatever you call it. most people in washington seem to think we are there. we have just four more
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weekends to go before america goes over the most talked about piece ovate i of real estn the world, the fiscal cliff. ed henry tells us not everyone is pessimistic. >> reporter: literally snapping his fingers, vice president joe biden today suggested it will be easy to finish a deal with congress to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> it would take 15 minutes from the time the decision is made by the speaker of the house to pass and make permanent middle class tax cut. the president would probably have me sprint up to the hill to bring the bill down for him to sign. it can be done like that. it is not complicated. >> greg: speaker bane -- >> reporter: speaker john boehner not so optimistic. >> this is not a progress report, there is no progression to report. report. >> reporter: he blasted for not offering a counterproposal to his plan and they seemed
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more than ever going to stop the tax increase. economy shrugged off hurricane sandy to create 146,000 new jobs, nearly double what forecasters had said, job creation for september and october was revised downward by a total of 49,000. another 350,000 people were so discouraged in november they simply stopped looking for work and left the labor force, which is why the unemployment rate dipped to 7.7%. >> raising taxes on small businesses is not going to help our economy and it's not going to help those seeking work. i came out the day after the election to put revenues on the table. take a step toward the president to try to resolve this. when he is going to take a step toward us? >> analysts say anxiety over the higher taxes from fiscal crisis is a reason that consumer confidence plunged in december. thompson reuters dropped to 74.5 in the consumer
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sentiment, lowest level since august. vice president countered that business leaders are telling him the economy will take off if there is a fiscal cliff deal. >> they have over $1 trillion out there to invest. if they think that the economy is going to move. >> he suggested some wiggle room to get that done. >> the top brackets have to go up. this is not a negotiable issue. theoretical we could negotiate how far up. >> democrats noted today despite boehner's tough talk when he was pressed on whether the tax rates on the rich could be negotiated he initially ignored it and then suggested some flexibility. >> there are a lot of things that are possible. to put the revenue that the president seeks on the table. >> now white house officials are clear in saying they still want the tax rate to go up to 39.6% like in the clinton days. but it's clear tonight they will give on that a little to get a deal. john? >> john: we'll see how far they will go. ed henry for us at the white house. thanks. the borrow a phrase "grease is the word" that both sides in
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the te bait are using for the worst case scenario of what will happen in the fiscal cliff. which sides understands best how to keep the united states getting in the same greek tragedy? chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel looks at that tonight. >> republicans frequently argue it's critical to get a handle on the deficit before the u.s. becomes like greece. there is a terrible economy with 26% unemployment highest in europe, almost no job opportunities for young people frequentenly lead toro riots in the streets. here is leading democrat is suggesting cutting spending too quickly is a real problem. >> the european community now is concerned about all the austerity. there are many, many things you can do to reduce debt. but still have a stimulus aspect of the economy. >> experts though say europe's us aer the city a drag on the economic growth because it relies too much on taxation while failing to reign in the expansion of government. that would seem to back up a republican theme in the fiscal cliff argument.
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>> if we raise taxes on the top two rate, a million small businesses who employ 25% of the work force it will cost us over 700,000 jobs and reduce economic growth, lower take home pay and those things. that is a bad scenario. >> the league negotiator on the republican side of the table facing mr. obama says raiding taxes on upper -- raising taxes on upper income americans is not going to fix the problem that the country is facing. >> even the president got the tax rate hike he wanted understand we would continue to see trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. listen, washington has got a spending problem, not a re-knew problem. >> for many top democrats it's all about taxes and not spending cuts in averting the fiscal cliff. >> the facts are at that point the 39.6% does produce the revenue. the differentiation between 39.6% and the 28% at that the president has for limitation
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on deduction creates a great deal of money as well. >> one conservative financial commentator suggests the likely outcome of the fiscal cliff talks won't be the end of the world. >> we will have taxes that are the same as the taxes were under bill clinton. we did find that we will do fine. >> the question is whether the negotiations will lead to making other tough choices such as washington getting a handle on the growth of government. if not, the european example seems to suggest fiscal trouble to our shores as well. >> john: thanks. the stock were mixed. dow gained 81. s&p 500 up 4. president obama visits detroit and he will see upset people there.
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mike tobin has the effect. >> michigan democrats say they can't stop, as the republicans have the numbers so despite the angry protests the legislation that rick schneider calls freedom to work will pass the final vote on tuesday. we have hardworking people in michigan. >> the law makes union membership and dues optional in the heart of the rust belt. cradle of the organized labor. they insist they are not breaking the labor union because it does not target collective bargaining. this weakens their foundation. >> you have people alongside of you that won't pay the union dues if you pay the union dues but will still be able to get the benefit from being union member. >> spokesman for democratic caucus says to anticipate legal challenge is understatement. democrats will target the
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language in the laws. given the bill through the lame duck session and noisy demonstrators out of the chambers the democrats say they will challenge under the open meetings laws. >> they lied to us every step of the way and they are acting like cowards. >> he says it's leadership. >> baloney. >> as demonstrators storm the capitol, police used pepper spray. additional state troopers sent to lansing today with anticipation that the demonstrations will peak on tuesday. >> we want to keep things safe. we will not have another wisconsin in michigan. people have a right to protest. but it will be done in an orderly manner. >> now the buildup to the michigan house contains $1 million appropriation. that is significant because under michigan law, appropriation bill cannot be challenged by a referendum. john? >> john: mike tobin repor reporting in chicago. more with the panel.
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house speaker john boehner is taking it from all directions this week. president obama and democrats are ripping him for resisting tax hikes on the rich. boehner's own party is giving him a hard time for not resisting hard enough. chief political correspondent carl cam has a deeper look at -- carl cameron has a deeper look at that story. >> john boehner is trying to stave off conservative rebellion in the ranks. his proposal to steer clear of the fiscal cliff raising tax revenue $800 billion closing the loopholes outraged antitax conservatives. when the speaker removed the conserve priv key committees in the past, the battle began. >> $800 billion over ten years and that looks like it would be a tax increase to me. 238 republicans, myself included, took a pledge not to raise taxes. they want to send a message to me to send a message to others. that we are not going to tolerate people who are interested in doing what is right. we want to play the same old game. if you try to disrupt that, we will knock you off a committee. >> for refusing to tow the
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leadership line, two conservatives were tossed off the house budget committee and david swiekert and jones were bounced from the financial conservative committee. benching conservatives in the proposal to influence tax revenue has boehner under fire from conservative group, heritage foundation, red, freedom work and heavy hitting club for growth. >> if you keep doing this we may have to replace you. >> it's bad policy. it is awful politics. it's, it will guaranteed, it will lose him the speakership of the house in two years. >> nancy pelosi. >> republicans lost the house majority in 2006 when they promised to cut spending and then increase it. bret bozell of for america inc. says the republicans face the same fate if after promising all year to hold the line or cut taxes they raise more. >> it's not a threat. it's a reality. if you bucked -- the republicans lost the house when they walked away from fiscal responsibility.
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they regained it when they recommitted themselves to the fiscal responsibility. if they abandon it yet again, it's a guarantee that the conservatives aren't going along with this. >> g.o.p. leaders reacted it will to the backlash. boehner raised $100 million for the house republican candidates this year. his proposal to increase tax revenues on the four rebel conservatives is backed by the house majority leader eric cantor with kevin mccarthy and budget committee chairman paul ryan. now they're under fire, too. >> in a perverse way, the purging was good. because it provided clairryty with what we thought was true that the leadership didn't hold the conservative principles in first place. they just want 218 votes on something. they are not dedicated to what the content is. >> this internal g.o.p. fight has been overshadowed by the bigger battle over the fiscal cliff. but the politicians get it. this year, the club for growth spent $10 million against republicans they felt were not conservative enough. in a campaign ultimately that didn't even go the g.o.p.'s
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way. john? >> carl, thanks. late today three of the four republican lawmakers kicked off with the committees wrote to boehner demanding explanation from him on the close of business on monday. the supreme court will take up two cases dealing with gay marriage next year. it will decide whether gays of v the same constitutional right to marry as heterosexuals as it rules on california proposition 8. justices will determine if congress under the defense of marriage act can depry legally married gay couples benefits that available to straight husband and wives. we'll have more on that with the panel in a little while. they can carry a tune all the way to the bank. but the top musicians backing up their rants against the 1%ers? that is coming up in the grapevine. up next, what happens if diplomacy fails in syria? begin.
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>> john: egypt political crisis entered the third week with two sides depicting the conflict as all-out fight for egypt's future. opponents of egyptian president mohammed morsi marched toward the presidential palace in cairo today after he rejected their demands. thousands of his islamists supporters vowed vengeance for two men killed in clashes this week. u.s. and russia are trying to get on the same page regarding syria. top diplomats today announce another effort stopping the bloodshed and getting rid of bashar assad. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tonight from the pentagon on what happens if diplomacy fai fails. >> rebel forces close in on the airport, the planners expect fighting in syria to intensify. u.s. officials are pessimistic they can resol t syrian conflict diplomatically, but seem certain that assad is losing his grip on power.
3:17 pm
>> every syrian must be included this process for a new and better future. future cannot include assad. >> military in meantime is actively planning should vit to intervene to assure assad's chemical weapons. hundreds of u.s. and nato troops will soon be heading to the turkish border with syria to operate patriot missile defense batteries. this summer there was a task force in jordan after 150 u.s. special forces base north of the capital to work with the jordanians to secure an estimated 4 dozen chemical weapon sites. >> there will be consequences. if the assad regime make asterrable mistake by using the chemical weapons on their own people. >> syrian government says the leaked intelligence reports that seren gas has been mixed and loaded in canisters are a pretext for outside military
3:18 pm
intervention. some experts agree. >> this is a very imprecise weapon and it's likely that the winds might blow the gas in the city center. that is where assad's power is, is in damascus. >> the publicbe talk of a possible chemical weapons attack may be a means of pressuring assad. >> the united states wants to gain the high ground but jeff hyping. the -- overhyping. the more they make the threat real the more leverage administration will have. >> at next week syria conference the pentagon realizes it may be asked to fill the vacuum after assad goes and is worried that the newly chosen opposition military command structure is filled with commanders tied to the muslim brotherhood. john? >> john: jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. thanks so much. fox news just learned by the way secretary of state hillary clinton will be testifying before the house foreign affairs committee on benghazi. that likely will happen before the end of the president's
3:19 pm
current term. snow may be slowing north korea preparation for another rocket launch. south korean report that the north mounted all three stages of the vehicle may not have been accurate. satellite images indicate that the north could still be ready by monday. for what it says is the launch of a satellite. the west says it's not a satellite at all. just cover for testing missile technology. still ahead, remembering the glory days of america's manned space program. up first, though, remembering a day that will live in infamy. we will meet a man who sur viveed pearl harbor twice -- who survived pearl harbor twice. initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete.
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>> john: president roosevelt
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declared december 7, 1941, a day that will live in infamy. on this anniversary of the surprise attack on pearl harbor, william la jeunesse introduces us to a remarkable man. who survived attacks on two battleships. and is now finally at rest with his fellow sailors, who died that fateful day. >> more than a year, radio third class glenly was on the uss arizona. on morning of december 7, he was about to take shower when the sounds of war boom outside. >> tried to sell some of his friends and they were like oh, lane, you always tell the april fool's jokes. get out of here. he said this is no april fool's joke, buddy. look out the window. >> this is the hat my dad wore. >> lane's youngest daughter trish anderson sat down with fox to talk about her father's life. >> he loved to share a story and he remembered every minute
3:24 pm
detail as if it happened yesterday. >> japanese warplanes buzzing the hawaiian skies, lane forced his way to the deck of the arizona. he helped put out fires before an explosion sent him fly manage the oil filled water. lane eventually made his way to the uss nevada desperately trying to escape the japanese attack. but it, too, was knocked out of commission. >> he is the only guy we know of in history that was on two battleships on december 7. i remember asking him one day why he swam to the nevada when other guys swam to fort island. an about four hours later he was almost through telling me the story. >> over the years, lane enjoyed talking to school kids and anyone else who wanted to hear his harrowing tale. last december, lane died at age 93. a few months ago trish and other members of the lane family gathered in hawaii for a service on the uss arizona memorial. lane's ashes inside an urn made by his son tom were carried by scuba drivers and
3:25 pm
entombed in gun number four. right given to all survivors of the upp ship. >> he never called himself a hero. peel would go you are such a hero. he said no, the heros are still down in the ship. >> william la jeunesse, fox news. >> john: after the attack, lane spent ten days on a hospital ship recovering from his wounds. this will tell you why he swam to theness. he was dedicated. he returned to service fighting battle of coral sea and midway. a the war he stayed in the navy and flew missions as part of the berlin air lift and served in vietnam. free speech could cost one consumer close to $1 million. they make millions off the 99%. but do music stars put their money where their mouth is? grapevine is coming up next.
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>> john: political grapevine. reply all failed from the police department. atlantic monthly reports a television producer worked on story about animal trafficking a month after the lapd held a press conference promising to crack down on the practice. the head of the media relations department sent the e-mail to fellow officer but accidently cced the producer. the story could be a black eye
3:30 pm
for us if we don't have arrests to show. the rabbit people will scream we don't care. is there any way you or your crew could make a few arrests for illegal animal purchase something we could avoid negative coverage? when called op it, the lapd officer said it was just a nudge to enforce the already existing law. every write a negative review on a website in this story may make you think twice before you do it. a judge ordered a woman to change negative yelp review about a building contractor. the writeup accused the construction company danieling her house and stealing jewelry. police found no connection between the company and the missing jewels. the construction company sued for three-quarters of a million dollars. the woman's attorney said it amounts to judge copy editing her review. some of staunchest vocal supports of the 99% are prominent member of the 1'for
3:31 pm
vocal skills. forbes reports in the 25 highest paid musicians you will find four of them lip service to occupy wall street movement. roger waters of pink floyd made a video saying the country is being run for the benefit of the rich. he happens to be one of them. he made $88 million. katy perry visited occupy wall street with then husband russell brand and played it up on twitter and took in $45 million. jay-z told t-shirt to occupiers and didn't share the profits. kenye west turned up at occupy protest in gold chains. no word whether the artist mentioned will donate any of their wealth to the 99%ers who made them rich. next week is 40 years since human walked on the moon. commanderer gene cerna turned out the lights on the moon so to speak. in the for decades, the
3:32 pm
domination of the space rights has been lost. this weekend, neil cavuto hosts a look back at glory days. "fly me to the moon" can be seen sunday at 9:00 eastern. a preview. >> there is no question in my mind creator of the universe. >> no atheists in space. once you see what you see. >> this is not two dust partials that eventually life. inconceivable. >> well put. >> the mission was over. >> i started up the ladder. and i look at my final footprint and i knew i wasn't coming back this way. the multi-multi-blue of -- multicolor blue of ocean and white of clouds.
3:33 pm
i started up the ladder. i wanted to keep this moment going for a while. >> america challenge of the day for man and tomorrow. >> you were the last human being to touch that surface. >> you were the last man to touch the surface, how does it make you feel? >> humble. >> god willing as we show return. >> for all man kind. godspeed to crew of apollo 17. ♪ ♪ >> the space program will come back. the country needs to have something to look forward to, to look up to and be proud of. what can we do in 10,000
3:34 pm
years? my grand mother on a farm in michigan had a ring telephone no, electricity, outhouse and she walked the first guy walk on the moon. >> i would like to see the next generation leigh footprints of the moon. i hope it happens. >> get more evenly thoughts from charles krauthammer. >> i talked to kneel about that. he said those people represent a time in the country when it seemed we could do the impossible. now we can't cobble together deal on the fiscal cliff. what are your thoughts? >> humans lived in the sky for 100,000 years and finally got off the ground at kitty hawk. then it took 66 years to go from the flight a minute-and-a-half or so, kitty hawk to the moon. yet for the next 40, we lived in retreat.
3:35 pm
literally circling the space station studying the physiology of nausea. that's not what kennedy had in mind to say we go to moon not because it's easy, but it's hard. tragedy. >> going to moon is one thing. the next step is exponentially expensive than going to the moon. >> true. we have haven't used the moon. established a station as in antarctica on the moon. >> to study nausea? >> to study space. there is so much out there we don't know. heavenly body. different from earth. there are industries. everything out there we can discover. we retreated. there is also simply the majesty of it. i think if you don't, if you live in the age, and you don't glory to space travel, or to the magnificence of leaving
3:36 pm
footprint on celestial body you don't deserve to live in the age. you should be living in the middle ages traveling by mule. >> john: i am with you. watching walter cronkite covering the space race that led me to this business. when you have so many pressing interests at home is it worth it to spend money to go to mars? >> that was the argument made in kennedy's time. more post officeerty and race problems. a society always has intrinsic problems. the idea we'll wait until it's utopian one, before we venture to space is ridiculous. kennedy understood it. he infused a generation with all of that enthusiasm. now it's gone. >> i'm with you. i want to be on the first flight to mars. you? >> happy to see another launch.
3:37 pm
i missed the launches to the moon. you see it and you are changed for life. >> you are. charles, stick around. we'll be back with the panel. "fly to moon" airs sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. charles and panel coming up next on "special report." do not go away. my name is hunter cannon.
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instead of reforming the tax code and cutting spending the president wants to raise tax rates. but even if the president got the tax rate hike that he wanted, understand that we would continue to see trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. >> what is lacking are the revenues. you cannot cut your way to deficit retacks. what does reduce the deficit
3:41 pm
are somebody, job creation. we have spending cut and medicare saving and we need re-knew. >> john: four weekends until the country goes over the fiscal cliff. bring in panel. charles lane for "washington post" with us. nina easton from quot fortune" magazine and of course, sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. get to the fiscal cliff in a second. but first, the job report this morning, 7.7% unemployment because so many people left the workforce. 146,000 jobs. the question a lot of people are asking is when are we going get back to good honest job creation to grow the economy? what is it going to take? >> political will in a word. what is interesting about the jobs numbers and the economy in general is that it's not so much the fundamentals of the economy. businesses who hire people who create jobs which nancy pelosi is looking for are looking for political will out of washington. they are looking for certainty on the fiscal cliff.
3:42 pm
certainty that debt reduction, there will be debt reduction, that entitlements will be brought under control. looking for certainty on taxe taxes. until this happens, there isn't going to be that certainly. i have to say that the republicans showed the political will. they stood up, to the conservative base. they put the re-knews on the table. what troubles me -- now that the ball is in the white house court, right? what troubles me is lack of political will on the white house, we haven't seen yet. particularly on spending and entitlement reform. voices in the deckic party saying that this was a mandate to walk away from debt reduction. that is troubling. >> charles lane do you see anything out there to give the business confidence to hire people again? >> well, there is just, i agree with nina. too many unknowns. we could add the situation the
3:43 pm
slow, steady, stagnation of europe to the mix. we could add uncertainty about where china is going to go. the troubling thing about the departure from the labor force of so many people that is offsetting the increment is jobs is that over time, it seems like the percentage of the society that is active in the labor force is stagnant or shrinking. that kicks back to all the problems she is talking about, the entitlement program and so forth, which depend on the active population to support them. >> john: jump to the fiscal cliff. not just to it. charles, i read your column today and you made an interesting point that a lot of people didn't make that you see this is a political move by president obama to fracture the g.o.p. majority of the house, gain himself supreme power. >> well, that is because it's clear that the economic proposals, fiscal proposals won't do anything about debt. it's clear that his pretense that we are going to have to, that you can't get to the tax
3:44 pm
hikes he wants through rising, through raising the rates, without raising rates, he contradicts himself. he said exactly the opposite. so all of this is about the politics of it. he thinks he won the election. and now he can use the crisis over the fiscal cliff to force republicans to go against the position they have had for 20 years. like bush senior with read my lips. senly create a civil war among republicans. the fact that someone here said that the ball is in the president's court. he is holding the ball, not sevenning it. they haven't -- not sevenning it. they haven't offered anything. mcconnell laughed at the offer because it was so outrageous and he wants everything and republican offers nothing in the reduction in entitlements or discretionary spending. they walk away and they won't, i assure you they are not going to offer anything.
3:45 pm
they will try to run out the clock, because what they can see on the republican side is panic, and defections. even though there are stories about unity in the house. without unity the republicans will crack. >> you always said that the republicans need to stop giving things away. and if we are going to go over the fiscal cliff make sure that it's president obama who takes us over that cliff. is there any way they can do that, nina? polls show if we go over a fiscal cliff the american people blame republicans. >> they will blame republicans. >> john: how do you make it the president's doing? >> it's going to be very difficult. he knows he is in a powerful position. he has got, he has got -- politically he has got opposition to things like raising the age on medicare on his side. not going to budge on that. he has got the fact that jeff whelmingly people want to tax the rich. even though it might be bad for the economy or bad for small businesses. it's a political win for him. so he has every interest in dragging this thing out. and hitting republicans over
3:46 pm
the head. i somewhat disagree with charles. i'm not sure he is going to take the leap over the cliff. one possible point of compromise on taxes might be the buffet rule, where you put a minimum tax on people who earn just $1 million and above. i could see republicans possibly swallowing that. but not sure >> john: charles, lately there has been talk, too, that the republicans may give on tax rate increases if they can hold the president's feet to the fire over spending. when the debt ceiling comes up next, there is talk among democrats hey, mr. president, we will support you if you want to invoke the 14th amendment and call debt unconst. to you think it will come to that? >> the president disavowed intention. he is committed to the legal position you can't go to 14th amendment route. on the other hand he is demanding that the republicans back off on their debt ceiling threats as well. frankly, you know, i think he does hold the hand here.
3:47 pm
absolutely. charles is right he is trying to provoke a civil war in the republican party. i add it's working. you have tremendous disagreements being shown on the republican side. there are even people i talk to that say the best bet for republicans at this point is to capitulate. to give in on the rates at some level. just allow a whole new situation to develop next year. see what they can make of that. >> john: hold it there. we have a lightning round up next and your choice. locked and loaded. >> always taxes. spend it on a moon base. >> john: you and newt. we'll be right back.
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>> john: every week, viewers vote for your choice online in the friday lightning round poll. this week, charles krauthammer pick won with 74% of the vote. get to that in a second. first, latest on the supreme court and gay marriage. nina, the supreme court will take up a couple of cases in the spring session. one about proposition 8 in california, defense of marriage act. how do you think the supreme court will rule here? give me a bet. if they uphold the lower court rulings does it oop the flood gates? >> the reason that gay marriage hasn't provoked a civil war the way abortion did, it hasn't been imposed by the supreme court or major could recall. what is done is we have been going state by state. mostly by voters. couple cases state court but mostly by voters. if the court does impease gay marriage throughout the country, it will be an, explosive political issue. >> john: charles? >> the supreme court signaled today it's ware of that dange
3:52 pm
danger. out added two questions this the party themselves had not added to the case asking whether or not faye, the federal court should have jurisdiction over this. whether the parties were appropriately before the court et cetera. this shows to me that they are looking for a way to finesse this issue. so they don't come down one way or the other, unless they absolutely can't avoid it. precisely because these are people who spent their whole lives dealing with the fall-out of roe v. wade. they have seen what it's done the court and the country. further more, they can see the political movement is accelerating among the people and there may not be a need for court. >> john: snarl >> ironically, justice ginsberg stalwart liberal of court in a speech before going on the court talked about roe v. wade as stopping the natural evolution and political accept tans of what was the more changing on abortion and that it caused the strife. the one lesson is that allow
3:53 pm
the process to develop through referenda and popular vote. if there is a change in the culture, it will happen. do not impose a rule on the country from above, because if they impose on the country same-sex marriage, it will cause the reaction on abortion. people will feel they don't have a voice and they should in a democracy. >> john: all right. you won this week's viewers' choice, 74% goes to you. what is the question? >> landslide. the question is in three months, will bashar assad be president of syria? in exile in iran or russia? or dead? >> john: and? >> john: correct answer is dead. the reason is the russians are trying now to work out a way to get him out. or asylum. he might seek asylum. he is losing territory, military assets. and the rebels are near damascus. i think what is going to happen his own people, alouites, militia he is in
3:54 pm
command of will likely kill himmor family if he tries to escape. odds are he will be dead. >> "a," dead? "b," living in russia or iran? "c," still president of syria? >> i agree with charles and say dead. this is a man who declared war on his own country and made it clear he will go down with his country. he has killed 41,000 zillians, 20% of the population is refugees. there is talk of use of chemical weapons against his own population. i think the key for the united states is do we get in fast enough that we help shape the jut come of whatever comes after assad in because al-qaeda is in there. you don't want them to get a foothold even more than they already have. >> john: how do you think it will turn out? >> there should have been a "d" because he is looking for a home in equador. venezuela and cuba. >> he could be exiled and -- >> that poe dan tick point aside -- pedantic point aside. too hot to handle. i don't think they will harbor him but i go with still president of syria in 90 days.
3:55 pm
there may be a little exaggeration of how far along the rebels have gotten. they are divided among themselves. they're not going to move on him. even if they are in a position to do it until they are organized politically on their side. to see who gets to pick up the pieces. so he may still have more time than we think. >> john: one minute left and make this one a lightning round. what is going on with michigan with the right to work legislation. it look like the legislature, the full legislature will vote for it tuesday. governor said he will sign it. how do you think it will change things in the state of michigan? fifth iest union state in the country. >> it's showing you what is happening in the rust belt. you have had it happen in wisconsin and indiana. weakening of the grip of unions. we saw when the auto went in collapse, auto company in the south, transplants did well because they weren't saddled with the union wages but also the union work rules, which are insane. so i think will be l be loosening of the grip. way to stay competitive.
3:56 pm
>> astonishing this is all happening in the heart of union land, historically. i will add to charles, because it's the lightning round that ohio is next possibility. harder go there. it would have to be done by ballot initiative, weakening the union. >> john: five seconds or less. >> i agree with everything they said and the key is eliminating the dues check off on the public sector union of michigan because that is where the democratic party gets its money. >> john: senate voted for. see where that goes. thank you all. that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see how dogs are getting around these days. i've worked hard to build my family.
3:57 pm
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>> john: finally tonight, you have probably seen the videotape, three dogs in new zealand were actually taught how to driver mini coopers with paw activated accelerators and brakes. few believe like humans dogs should keep the environment in mind when learning to drive. >> with the number of dog motorists at an

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